walk in

Installation as a part of the „de-re-konstrukt” exhibition. This big interactive sculpture where bild be using pieces from Warsaw and Berlin.

As long as the exhibition remeins open, the audienceca fallow, both at the gallery and online, an on going exchenge on „de-re-construktion”, the dichotomy of distance and closness. A walk in installation in the gallery garden is rising as a monumental site-specific structure put together with second hand segments found in Warsaw and Berlin. This three – dimensional collage, a symbol of crossing borders, measuring physikal distance, and coming into contact, establishes an exis across the open space of the garden. Visitors can discover and test an emerging line of comunication between two point in space. The symboic platform levels the natural layout of the garden and escapes the confines of the immediate enviroment. At a time of isolation and tear it fosters, thestructure calls for contacts, closeness, open dialogue, both individual and social or political. 


an action with video comunictation, interactive installation 08.21